Helping your neighbor on Small Business Saturday

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Many people across the nation are supporting their local stores on Small Business Saturday including Rapid City folks.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim shows us what this special day means to one small business owner.

For Small Business Saturday, kids and parents were checking out some special deals at Who's Toy House in Rapid City.
The store's owner says this day is not only about the sales.

It's designed to showcase businesses and what they can provide their customers like new products and exceptional customer service.

Who's Toy House Owner Somer Kingsbury says, "A lot of work goes into it, redesigning the store, bringing in new products. We like to change the store so it's not the same for our regular customers. Our regular customers are those individuals that have supported our business throughout the year."

Other downtown stores were also celebrating Small Business Saturday including The Spice & Tea Exchange with 20 percent off of four ounce spice bags.

Wes Brown visited several local shops with his family today, and he says these small places are truly unique from chain stores.

Small Business Saturday Shopper Wes Brown says, "You see the people in the community that own the stores and you become friends with them. I think it's just that touch, that human touch that you actually know the people you're buying your product from on a personal level."

According to American Express, small business owners generated an estimated 15 point 4 billion dollars on Small Business Saturday in 2016.

Who's Toy House Owner Somer Kingsbury says, "The reason it should be important not just to me, but to everybody, is when you shop local, that money is staying within your community. That's the money that is paying for wages for teachers, repairing your roads, but it's also the businesses that are supporting your silent auctions for fundraisers."

Kingsbury says shopping local really makes your money count - benefiting you and employing your neighbor.