Healthwatch: Juvenile diabetes

Rapid City, S.D. (KEVN) Dr. Cara Hamilton is in to tell you the warning signs of type 1 diabetes and some of the side effects from it

I'm going to talk to you today and the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes otherwise known as juvenile diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is auto-immune meaning the body actually makes antibodies to cells in the pancreas. The cells in the pancreas that create insulin end up dying off slowly over a matter of weeks to months. The insulin helps our bodies use glucous so as those cells are being broken down and less insulin is being produced the glucose levels rise in the system. The kidneys can only filter out so much glucose, therefor when it gets to its maximum the glucose spills into the urine, water follows after it and that's where you get the increase voiding from. Children often feel thirsty when they are peeing too much so they drink more but they can never hope to keep up with their water loses so despite drinking a lot and peeing a lot they end up dehydrated and often times will lose weight. Also, the body needs energy and if it can't use glucouse it will breakdown longer-term forms of energy and that leads to acidosis and compounds nausea and vomiting we might already be seeing from the dehydration. So if your child has been drinking a lot and peeing a lot, certainly, if there is any weight loss or a newly potty trained child, is having accidents. Make sure you are having your child checked out right away. This is Dr. Cara Hamilton at Black Hills Pediatrics with your Healthwatch.