HealthWatch--Keeping kids safe in winter

Every Thursday night, we bring you news you can use to keep you and your family healthy.
And what you need to keep in mind often changes with the seasons here in the Black Hills.

In this week's edition of Health Watch Dr. Cara Hamilton takes a look at keeping your kids safe this winter.

Dr. Cara Hamilton says, "With cold weather and snow comes more potential for winter activities and sports and also brings the potential for injuries associated with these sports. One of the first and most important things you should consider before permitting your child to play winter sports is they need to dress appropriately. They need to dress in layers to make sure they're warm, plenty of warm mittens or hand coverings, hats and making sure their socks are warm enough. It's also very important that their equipment is the appropriate size. Too big and they're more likely to be unstable in their ski boots or skates and risk an injury there. If their equipment is too small, they may be more likely to cut off circulation to their feet and have some frostbite injuries. It's also important for certain sports that your child is in a helmet. Snowmobiles are going to be very dangerous without a helmet and skiing is also important to be wearing helmets. And depending on your terrain, it might be important to have your child in a helmet for sledding as well. Even with all these fun activities and sports that people are doing, there's still many injuries from just slipping on the ice, on the playground or a parking lot. Luckily, children are much less likely than granny is to break a hip when they fall. But they can still break bones, arms and legs and twist ankles, things like this from just slipping on the ice. One of the best ways to prevent an injury is just following these rules and if you have concerns that your child may have injures themselves at a winter sport, make sure you talk to your pediatrician. This is Dr. Cara Hamilton at Black Hills Pediatrics with your HealthWatch."