HealthSource Chiropractic finds a unique way to help in Opioid Crisis

It is a crisis that affects the lives of more than 11,000 people per year.
HealthSource is a chiropractic clinic that has joined forces with the Salvation Army in order to help. People that suffer with chronic back pain, one of the leading causes in opioid addiction, often think that prescription drugs are the only way out. A few specialists in Rapid City say otherwise.

Bob Mcintosh, chiropractor at HealthSource, says "the best answer is for a physical pain problem is a physical medicine which is us, chiropractors ... so fix the problem and do it without pharmaceuticals without medication."

Samantha Figgins, associate chiropractor at HealthSource, says "For the people who are currently struggling, that's why we're donating the money for these new patient visits to help with the drug rehabilitative service the Salvation has to offer but also on the front end, How do we change the culture? How do we help save families,honestly that's what it comes down to, how do we prevent people from taking a really tricky path and ending up on a downhill spiral that's really hard to recover from?"

This campaign will run through the end of November. The goal for HealthSource is to raise over $300,000.