Health watch: Alternative medicines are they safe?

Dr. Nancy Babbitt says,

"Cancer is a disease cause by uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in some paort of the body. And there are over 200 different types of cancers so I want to address some questions that have come up regarding cancer treatments. Recieving a diagonsis of cancer can be devestating and shocking but your family doctor can help guide you to the right specialist to treat and often times cure your cancer. There is confusion right now about the role of alternative or non sciencetiffacly proven cancer treatments. Common drugs like metformin, doxylamine, and IV vitamin C are currenlty being studied to find out if they play a role in treating or preventing a few types of cancer. But do not be hoodwinked in to thinking that there is adequate information at this time that these drugs cure cancer of any kind. Cancer treatment can be very well tolderated but it can also make patients very ill. However there are advances occuring in the world of ocolgy and this rapidly changing how patients tolerate cancer treatment. An ocoligst is a medical doctor that specializes in cancer treatment is your best source of up to date scienctifacly studied treament options for your potetial partiuclar type of cancer. Your oclogist needs to know everything you are taking or doing while you are going throuigh cancer treatment because some alternative treatments fouind to cause sever complications when combind with standard cancer therapy bottom line please trust your doctor to help guide you to the best decision treatment options for your particualr treatment. Do not bet your life on treatment options that have not gone through riggers of medical studies this is Dr. Nancy Babbitt from Creekside Medical Clinic."