Health Watch: caring for your ankle

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) The exercise I'm going to show you you can do at home, you don't need any fitness equipment which is nice. You are going to lift one leg and you want to keep the other leg bent with your leg flat and keep your core in. It is good to do it without any shoes on but either way is fine, you just get more because you can curl your toes. So you are flexing and really pointing those toes and flex that heal up towards the ceiling. You can repeat that as many times as you want it is actually a workout. You will also want to roll inside and all the way around, go full range of motion and then reverse it. Another thing to do is a crazy 8. When you come up you can either rack up or turn to your side and use your arm to protect your back. The next thing is basic calf raises start with a basic one and go hip-width apart and come up on your toes, another way is to rock, rock back and up. The other way is to turn your feet out. I hope this helps you out through the winter season and the whole year. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White' personal fitness studio