Health Watch: ankle care

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) So generally speaking a lot of good single leg stance is a good place to start. When you wash dishes at home or you are folding laundry while standing up it is easy to just stand on one leg and unlock all your joints instead of standing up with your knee straight and your hips rocked back you can get yourself in to a position and do whatever you are doing for a minute or two and switch legs and continue. It is better to start doing this earlier in life because then you start to develop those pathways in your brain that makes that connection that establish that strength and coordination which are inherit in balance. The next thing I would recommend is the next time you are walking around working out at the gym or out on a run, or even out on your bike even is taking time to do ankle stability, so those are just walking on our toes with your heels as high as possible for a distance over and over maybe three or four times over a 50 foot span, doing it forward or backwards doing it left and right and doing turns as you start to get used to it as your ankles get stronger then do the same with your toes raised and walking on your heels forward and back. Those are some general things you can do for ankle stability and ankle health for the future. Single leg stance while doing some activity where you have unlocked your joints, walking on your toes forward back and right and walking on your heels forward back and right