Health Watch: Toning those trouble areas

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Sticking to your New Year's resolution of losing weight but having problems shaping up in a few areas? Fitness expert Carol White is in to show you how to tone those areas

Today I'm going to demonstrate some exercises you can do to work on those hard spots. They are the glutials, the abductor outer thigh, hamstrings, and quads. When you work that lower body your focusing on your largest muscle groups so in turn you are burning more calories. For the first one lets start with a lunge. Step to the side, up and tap. Make sure your shoulders are square your core is tight and dip down. When you are done you can start the other side. With any lunge if you have bad knees I don't recommend a lunge at all we will find a substitute. The next one we are going to do is focus on quad, hamstrings, glutes is the backwards lunge. So step back, and tap, now when you do this you want to make sure your knee is over your ankle and drop that knee down. So you wouldn't want to lunge like this. The next one I'm going to show is a side lunge, gets the outer thigh really nice as well. Step and step back so when you step push your glutes back towards the wall. I'm Carol White, owner of Carol White's Personal fitness studio