Health Watch: Testicular torsion

Rapid City, S.D. (KEVN) Most surgical emergencies are fairly obvious. Severe pain, maybe extreme lethargy, or obvious deformity can be signs of a surgical emergency. There are some surgical emergencies are a little less obvious, one of them is testicular torsion. The testicles are created in the abdomen during development and they move down into the scrotum, later on, so all of the ducts and the nerves and the blood vessels that lead to the testicles are actually on a single stock and the testicle l dangles into the scrotum. Sometimes in children mostly that testicle will twist on itself and that can kink off blood supply to the testicle which might need that that testicle is useless and dead after only a few hours and that could only be corrected within a few hours that can only be corrected with surgery. The signs of testicular torsion are mostly pain sometimes some swelling or redness of the testical and the pain sometimes isn't all that obvious especially in young boys. If your boy has that problem ever don't hesitate to contact your doctor or head right to the emergency room. If you have questions about this or other surgical emergencies be sure to talk to your pediatrician. This is Dr. Cara Hamilon at Black Hills Pediatrics with your Healthwatch