Health Watch: TRX

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) I'm going to have Dan demonstrates some exercises you can do on a TRX where you get a full body workout. So we will begin with the back, so you will grab the TRX what you are going to do is walk your feet in, lengthen your arms out and you will row up. When you breathe you want to exhale at the top next one you want to do is a squat, that will be for your lower body it will work your glutes, quads, your core as well. Go shoulder width apart go ahead and lean back keep your arms locked, go parallel to the ground not below the knees and exhale. The next one will be for the chest this one is really tough so don't get discouraged. He will put his legs back turn your palms down and have your core engaged remember to breathe, don't rock let your arms do the work. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio.