Health Watch: Immunizations

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) "As a medical provider who has seen how quickly some of these diseases spread and how deadly some of them can be, I really do feel the ramifications if this bill passes. For one thing, we've seen the measles virus spread across our country in the last few years and how the states that have a lower immunization rate have had more measles is a result. I fear that passing this house bill would send the message to our state that immunizations are not important and we would find our immunization rates lowering and we would also see the result in lack of protection there. Herd immunity is very important for anyone who is under-immunized or unimmunized because most of us would have our vaccines to provide a buffer between those who might be too young to get vaccines, maybe they are on chemotherapy to treat a cancer and they can't get vaccines or wouldn't respond to vaccines anyway, maybe too old to where any immunity they had from the disease from the vaccines has really waned but also be pretty deadly to those people, so I think it is important that we keep that heard immunity present. People who are for this bill or against vaccines, in general, might throw out the argument that vaccines can cause autism. I tell you straight that there are millions of children who have been studied and there just has not been a link found between vaccinations and autism. People might argue that natural immunity is better for these diseases and having the disease will better help protect you from the disease next time and you are absolutely right in most cases if you survive the initial disease process in the first place. Vaccines are so important and they have the single most helpful advancement in history second only to hand hygiene and indoor plumbing. Make sure you are talking to your pediatrician about vaccines, and more importantly contact your state representatives and share your feelings on this bill. thank you, this is Dr. Cara Hamilton at Black Hills Pediatrics with your Healthwatch." Says Dr. Cara Hamilton