Health Watch: Handling Stress

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) How do you deal with stress? Stress is a feeling of pressure that can negatively impact your physical and mental health. It can lead to anxiety, depression even the use of poor coping mechanisms like substance abuse or overeating. Common causes of stress are major life changes like death or a loss of job, divorce, work stress if you feel like you have unreasonable pressure at work or if you aren't getting along with a coworker or your boss. Marital and relationship conflict or being a very controlling person can cause inner personal stress and the inability to accept people and situations as they are can cause stress. Finally taking on too many responsibilities and not taking out time for yourself can cause a great deal of stress. So what are common solutions? For many stressful situations like grieving or relationship conflict, work difficulties. Seeing a professional therapist or counselor can be a wonderful solution because they are trained to help you through these difficult times. The loss of a job is very stressful but there are vocational training options in our community so you can talk to someone about other options for careers. If you do have a controlling personality and this is impacting your quality of life and causing stress, look inward and ask for help and understand that this dysfunctional personality type does cause a lot of stress. Finally take time to care for yourself, the richness and success of all of your relationships including personal and working relationships often build on the foundation of your ability to take care of yourself. Creekside Medical Clinic has three new doctors joining us in the fall and so I asked them what do they do to relieve stress in their lives.

My name is doctor Kyle Larson and I'm happy to be joining the medical community here in western South Dakota. To reduce stress I like to exercise, work on home improvement projects at home and escape into the Black Hills with my family when I have a chance.

Hi, my name is Dr. Ann Hibbs and I'm super excited to be joining the Creekside Medical family. To relieve stress I like to spend time reading books, spend time with family and friends and spend time in the outdoors.

Hello, my name is Dr. Taylor Kapsch and I look forward to joining the Creekside Medical Clinic here in the fall. Things I like to do to reduce stress include going to the gym, hiking in the hills, rock climbing, getting my nails done, spending time with family and friends, and yoga when it is convenient