Health Watch: Exercise ball

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) These are wonderful you can take them anywhere, they are bouncy and the bigger ones that you have might be a little more difficult, it depends on the stability so if you pump them up really firm it will be easier, if you don't so much they will be a little more bouncy so you really have to use your coordination. We are going to start by using our hamstring and working our glutes. On this one you are going to want to lift your legs up, hold your hands down for stability and you are going to roll in and tuck so you really feel isolation here. A lot of times with the hamstrings you think you have to use weight but you can use your own body weight. Then when you go in and intensify it more take the ball between your legs flex your feet. That will make your legs active and curl it down. Now we will go in to a pushup. Pushups are hard sometimes, especially for the ladies so this is a nice way to do it just be careful getting on the ball, you want to have your thigh on the ball. If you want to make it harder bring your legs closer to you. When you are doing pushups you are working your core so let's intensify that a bit on the stability ball. This is a great way to do your abs especially if your back is tender or you need to strengthen it. I'm Carol White, owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio.>