Health Watch: Disciplining your kids

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Many of you viewers out there have been spanked as a child as a form of discipline and hey we turned out alright, right? But continuing to participate in practices that have proven ineffective is never been a good way to approach things.

In a meta-analysis of nearly a hundred studies of tens of thousands of children has shown that who were spanked as a form of discipline are more likely to be aggressive towards their peers, be involved in delinquent behavior as children.

As adults, they are more likely to involved in criminal behavior, more likely to abuse their spouse and their own children they are less likely to have good mental health both as a child and an adult. Most immediately important, spanking is largely ineffective.

When you take an angry parent who is trying to teach a child how to stop doing undesired behavior, that physical aggression usually escalates and soon might cross the line from causing pain to causing injury which is that line between corporal punishment and child abuse. Please keep your head, keep you cool, try to find a discipline technique that works best for your child in a form that is not physical.

If you have questions about this, make sure you talk to your child's doctor.