Health Watch: Childhood trauma and effects on health

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Did you know that an adverse childhood experience can impact your health? It's true that emotionally or physically traumatic experiences in one's childhood can impact your health even into adulthood there's a growing body of research and evidence that is linking trauma during childhood to diseases like obesity, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, depression, addiction, and anxiety. When children are repetitively exposed to some type of trauma or abuse during childhood the stress from this activates brain responses that release chemicals hormones that ultimately can impact body organs and cause chronic inflammation from that stress. There are excellent treatments available to help people understand how childhood traumatic experiences may be impacting an adults health. This is primarily in the world of psychology with excellent physco therapy techniques to help people come well, also family doctors they're in a unique position to help probe with our patients whether childhood traumatic experiences have impacted their health during adulthood and it's important that if you have experienced repetitive childhood traumatic events emotionally or physically, that you talk to your family doctor to investigate whether dealing with that and treating that will make you a healthier person. This is Doctor Nancy Babbit from Creekside Medical Clinic."