Health Watch: Carol White and her client demonstrate the treadmill

Many people started 2018 with a "new year, new me" mentality but few people keep that going. Fitness expert Carol White is helping one of her clients stick to his goals and they're here to offer some advice.

Carol White says, ' Today I'm going to be working with my newest client, Chef Jamie and he just started here and he's got some goals. Goals to eat healthy to eat real to work on a fitness regime to get healthy for his job for his career he knows how important that is. And when he first started it was hard to come in, and I'm sure you've all felt that where walking through the door and my gosh I just don't know if I can do this I have to work so hard and I'm going to sweat and its just too much. That's not what I teach Jamie, its just to get in the door create a commitment to yourself start a fitness regime baby steps. But here we are walking on the treadmill. When Jamie first started he was at like 1.6 ok so lets speed it up, he's comfortable. He starts and gets on the treadmill himself I don't have to help himself anymore and now he's got a speed where he feels comfortable which is now at 2.3. By the time we are done he can be up to 2.5 The point here is his duration first time 5 minutes now eleven and now 30 not very long ago. See he's happy, he's smiling. So this is what I want to show you today. Its just basically get in the door don't worry about anyone else you are only competing with yourself for your health and your happiness. And I'm going to have Jamie back again. He doesn't know this, but next time I'm going to give him free weights and he'll be working with free weights that means he won't be holding on. So I hope you enjoyed this segment and we'll see you back again soon. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio.