Health Watch: Adding to your treadmill workout

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Some of the things I show you will actually work on your balance if you just take it slow. Start by walking at a pace that you feel comfortable and what we are going to do is add some fun stuff. A little move here is pushing down and walking back so you are pushing and gliding. If you want to speed it up it can be short and quick. Another thing you can do is walk and adjust your waist, just like that, now again make sure you feel comfortable. Now to work those outer thighs, the whole body you can do this hold on this way and just slide. You can actually slow it down and drag and hop, that is a little more intense. I'm going to turn around the other way because I'm better at this. Footwork again, holding on and crossing over. If you feel comfortable to step off and do some squats. I can already tell my hear rate is up. Make sure the knees are over the ankle, do a few of those. Take it back and do some calf raises. Keep your elbows in close and push up to have a little bit more fun step back and down. You could do a 15-minute workout and get a heck of a workout if you didn't have time to do a half hour workout. Hope you liked this segment, try it out just be careful. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio.