Health Watch: Workouts from home

Rapid City, SD (KEVN) So what we are going to do is start out with a basic one. Extend your leg out, flex your foot and just pull up on it lightly, keep your head aligned and just hold. This will get all the way through your hamstring and calf. Everything you do, do it slow and it should not hurt it should feel good. This one you will take your ankle and lay it on the top of your thigh you'll use your elbow to press down and hold. You are getting your outer thigh here if you want to engage your back just hang down.
Another one that is nice is stretching right here across the body. Another one that is great for people who are typing is to clasp your hands and turn them inside out and make sure you are parallel to the ground. If you want to isolate you'll go down like this with your fingers so that your thumbs are out. Another great one to just get the breath and air and a lot of stress throughout your day are to inhale up and clasp your hands and inhale up, look up and exhale down. One more thing because I know it is hard because you are at a desk all day is your neck, keep your posture shoulders back each side just lean and hold the stretch. go left right, down and go straight. Hold stretches 8 to 10 seconds but longer is better. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio, have a great day.