Health Watch: Workouts for your back

Carol White says, " Tonight I'm going to demonstrate exercises you can do on a lat pull down machine. Most gyms will have this type of machine if they don't it could be done with a bar and the same motion 3 different ways to utilize this machine and your back muscles. The first one your grip is wide when you sit down make sure your ankles are under your knees. Exhale down, don't hunch over just use your arms to pull down. When you ave a wide grip that works the width of your back. That "v" shape. Now if you're grabbing here you'll be more inner back and also incorporate your biceps. A little more so now I will turn around and so the same thing, just a different view. Now when you do it backwards your range of motion isn't great. So your weight may be 10 pounds less. Get a wide grip check your feet, keep your core tight, biceps a little more stiffness. Now I'll show a stretch you can do. Take you over here perfect stretch I do everyday when you do this stick your glutes back, bend your knees, when you come up be nice and straight. Your back is one of your major muscle groups you do not want to leave it out. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio