Health Watch: Vaping

Rapid City, S.D. (KEVN) been noticing a lot of people vaping or using e cigarettes of some people call in juuling based on a product from a company called juul. These devices allow users to inhale or vape to their lungs a liquid that contains nicotine. The FDA is not regulating e cigarettes right now and so the rise of use has been especially damaging and concerning with teenagers. Juuling has gained popularity because the device looks like a USB port that just plugs into your computer to charge it for further use. It comes in many flavors that are fruity and dessert like, even one pod can contain the same amount of nicotine as entire pack of cigarettes. the rise and use of e-cigarettes is especially concerning because users are not always aware of the amount of nicotine or at least not honest about the actual addictive nature of nicotine in these devices. No form of nicotine is safe so any inhalation of nicotine into your lungs can increase your heart rate it can increase your blood pressure, and increase lung disease. Some e-cigarettes are claiming to be nicotine free, but some testing on those devices has shown that there are trace levels of nicotine as well as levels of other chemicals including chemicals you can find in anti-freeze. Don't fool yourself, stop vaping. This is Dr. Nancy Babbitt from Creekside Medical Clinic.