Health Watch: Red wine, heart healthy

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Red wine good for your heart.

Red wine in moderation has long been thought to be heart healthy. Antioxidants called Resveratrol and that may help increase your good cholesterol, lower your bad cholesterol and help with inflammation with the resveratrol in wine is from the skin of a red grape.

Red wine is fermented longer than white wine so thus red wine from the red grapes is higher in resveratrol so, therefore, is more heart-healthy than white wine.

The Black Hills have many great wineries with many wines made from chokecherries and wild plumes, etc. These are not very high in resveratrol because grapes are very high in resveratrol. There are a few local wineries that have locally grown grapes.

Simply eating red grapes or drinking 100% grape juice is another way to be heart healthy. Other foods that contain resveratrol are peanuts, blueberries, and cranberries.

If you choose to drink red wine drink wine in moderation. for women it is 1 5oz glass, for men, it is 2 5oz glasses.

Enjoy a glass of red wine tonight, and enjoy it with a piece of dark chocolate because we know it is heart healthy.