Health Watch: Primary care Physician

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 6:24 PM MDT
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Hi, I'm doctor Larson at Creekside Medical Clinic. Our country and the world continue to deal with the COVID pandemic and all of its many implications. It is important for us both in the public and in the medical community to remember that people continue to get sick from other reasons and have other chronic and acute medical conditions that need to be monitored and treated. To that end, I thought I would take a moment to remind everyone about the reasons you should have a primary care doctor. Number 1, family doctors are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions and can be your primary care doctor at any point in your lifespan. Number 2, we know you. When we treat you or your family members over many years we get to know your history inside and out with detail that only comes with knowing your story and your family's story, this allows us to provide the best care to you. Number 3, we treat more than you think, we focus on wellness and preventable health but we will also help you manage your chronic medical conditions and treat your acute illnesses. When a specialist is needed we will be your advocate and make sure you get to the right provider for your specific need. Our goal is to improve your life and keep you healthy. Patient studies have revealed that when they have a regular primary care doctor they have a lower hospitalization rate, fewer emergency room visits, and a reduced need for surgical procedures. We will continue to address and adapt to the current health crisis but in the meantime we want you to know we will not forget about your current health needs. Be sure to touch base with your primary care provider to keep yourself healthy for your and families' sake."