Health Watch: Pain in your hands and fingers

Rapid City, SD (KEVN) Thumb and wrist pain is very prevalent in our society today, it can be from years of wear and tear on the joint or it can it be something as what we are doing repetitively with our phone throughout the day. There are lots that can be done great evidence-based research on the benefits of therapy to conserve management and to delay surgery if possible. There are a lot of modalities that can be used at home to decrease your pain, such as a microwaveable heat mitt, cold and heat packs for home as well as topical sprays to calm pain and irritation down. We use a lot of joint protection, talk about adaptive equipment and how to modify the activities that you are doing to decrease wear and tear on that joint. There are a lot of exercises that we like to encourage throughout the day to either help the process or reverse the processes. Retraining proper opposition and functional of the thumb with stretching the web space. If you are struggling with pain and you would like to come therapy please visit with your physician. I'm Marie Sexe from Regional Health, with Healthwatch