Health Watch: Lower body

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) I'm going to demonstrate some exercises called a lunge and there are a variety of lunges that you can do that are fabulous for the complete lower body workout, however if you have bad knees you can modify and I can show you those as well or possibly not an exercise you should do so be very careful. We will start with a basic lunge and what you want to look for is that your knee is over your ankle, the tippy-toe of the back leg is balanced, chest up and shoulders back. When dipping down try not to hit the floor, to modify do it just like this but that is ok, you are working the entire leg, glutes, and outer thigh. Make sure you breathe, inhale and exhale up. To make it a little harder you would do a reverse lunge which would focus a little bit more on your glutes and quads, this one would go backward and then forward so you are really using this leg to get you back up. I'll show you one more. To intensify you would go forward and back. You can do them one leg at a time to make it harder and add more coordination you would alternate. I will show you one last one and if you have bad knees you do not want to do this one. It is called curtsey lunge, you are stepping back and over, this one will focus more on your glutes and you will feel it the next day. Go ahead and try these and don't worry about your reps. I'm Carol White owner of Carol White's personal fitness studio