Health Watch: International Women's Day

Being international women's day I would like to encourage you on the way ways you can encourage the young women in your life. Parents we can really affect the way our girls see themselves and the way they see the world around them by how we interact with them. It can be really important for you to encourage your daughter on how hard she tries at school and tries at piano or karate and focus less on how she aced that test or got that goal with luck. We can focus less on her achievements and more on her effort. Again if you focus too much on her achievements she may lose some self confidence the first time she fails at something. Try to avoid having stricter rules for your girls than you do for you boys. If she wants to play hockey, or wrestling rather than ballet or gymnastics, let her, help her find something she loves and is passionate about and try to avoid those classic gender roles. Mothers, try to be careful about the way you talk about fashion, or your body or imagine. Your girls take away a lot from how you interact with your appearance and world around you. Fathers make sure your daughters know how they should be treated and respected by showing them and how your interact with women. Think about some of the strong and successful women in your life and they probably had encouragement from a young age just like I did. This is Dr. Cara Hamilton at Black Hills Pediatrics with your Healthwatch