Health Watch: Cancer Rehabilitation

Rapid City, SD (KEVN) For people battling cancer -- they often lose physical strength, as the illness takes its toll.
To help those individuals out-- Regional Health offers cancer rehabilitation.

My name is Erin I'm one of the physical therapists at regional health orthopedic and specialty hospital. I work in the outpatient department and I would like to talk to you a little bit today about cancer rehabilitation. Caner rehabilitation is important for anyone who has a new cancer diagnosis who are currently going through cancer treatment, or has had cancer in the past and may still have some side effects from their treatments. Treatments for cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery and the side effects from those treatments are most often fatigue, pain, and lack of mobility. Cancer rehabilitation therapists will work with patients or try to improve all of those areas. We can help to prevent fatigue and we can help address any other limitations that come up. One of the things that we encourage patients to do if they have a new cancer diagnosis or going through chemotherapy, radiation or other cancer treatments is to talk to their doctors about getting a referral for a cancer rehabilitation consult. With that, we can work with patients to address what their current fitness level is and work to identify any areas that they may have that we can assist with. We want to be able to help with improving their strength, maintain all of their function as they go through their treatments. Most patients, over 90% of them return to their pre-cancer diagnosis levels of function when they are participating in a cancer rehabilitation program. I'm Erin a physical therapist with regional health orthopedic and specialty hospital with this week's Health Watch