Haunted house horrifies on Saint Paddy's Day weekend

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Lots of people around downtown Rapid City are feasting on some corned beef and bar hopping for some green beer and Irish whiskey, but they might want to go easy on the ale if they don't want to wet their pants at DeCory's Saint Patrick Haunted House.

He says it's the worst nightmares from your childhood coming to life.

DeCory's Haunt Chief Executive Adonis Saltes says, "They can expect chainsaws. They can expect 10 foot brides. The whole nine yards."

People normally think haunted houses are just for Halloween, but DeCory's Haunt in Rapid City says otherwise.

They're changing things up with their own Saint Patrick's Day-themed haunted house.

Decory's Haunt Set Builder & Actor Izaiah Slow Bear says, "Fear and fun. Just the whole concept of it is really weird and unnatural to everybody."

But they're not just doing this for the scares.

Adonis Saltes says part of the haunted house's proceeds will go towards the Bear Program, a suicide prevention non-profit based out of Pine Ridge.

Adonis Saltes says, "At the end of the day, we love what we do. Some people go to work 8 to 5 and they give back to those businesses. This is our job and we pride it very much. And giving back to something bigger than ourselves, that's what we're all doing this for."

Izaiah Slow Bear is one of the actors, and he says it feels great using his talents for a good cause.

Izaiah Slow Bear says, "It's something that I'm actually glad to help out with, the Bear Program, suicide prevention, everything like that. I mean on the reservation that's pretty frequent so I'm just glad to have contributed to the cause, helping these kids out, them getting a brand new life, a better outlook on life. I've lost a friend to that so I'm glad I'm helping with this."

And Saint Patrick's Day is not the only time they'll have a haunted house.

Saltes says they're planning on bringing terror to South Dakota year-round and hope to expand to other locations.

Sunday is the last night for the Saint Patrick's Haunt from seven in the evening to midnight, and they're planning on having another attraction in July.