Local students arrive in DC for Trump inauguration

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) A group of more than five dozen students and parent chaperones from Harrisburg North Middle School are in Washington to see President-elect Donald Trump sworn into office.

The students arrived in Washington D.C. on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s really kind of magical to be here and to see all this stuff in person," said student, Katherine Doubledee.

Doubledee says she's thrilled to witness history come to life.

"It's really a cool thing to get to actually be here and see the president get sworn in and be the president," Doubledee said.

Katherine's mother, Denise Schwardt is along for the ride, chaperoning the group of 60 students.

"It's really nice to be able to share this with my daughter," Schwardt said.
"Inaugurations are historic, some more than others and we definitely know that this will be an interesting trip to say the very least.”

Harrisburg North Middle School has hosted this field trip to Washington DC for the last 17 years. However, this is the first time the trip coincides with a presidential inauguration.

"It's really cool because not a lot of kids especially our age get to this, unless you live here," said student, Carter Simonich.

The group originally was scheduled to participate in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, but someone else took their spot.

"The kids are calling it a Trump bump," Schwardt said. "Our time was actually selected by the coordinators to have Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence there to lay the wreath at the same time as our kids were going to be laying the wreath.”

Students will instead see a special wreath laying ceremony on George Washington's tomb at Mount Vernon on Thursday before the big day on Friday.

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