Hardrocker sustainability team gives presentation on how CSAC building can save money

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A special presentation was given Tuesday evening in the Rapid City council chambers to address ways that the city could save money.

While the City Council usually discusses and decides ways to help the city, Tuesday, a group of School of Mines students showed the Council ways that money could be saved for the taxpayers within the halls of the City and School Administration building.

The location, visibility, and the size of the administration building made it appealing to the Mines students who were able to find long term and cost efficient ways the city could save money.

Team lead Hardrocker sustainability team, Jamie Caffee says, ' Most of the savings we identified came from switching from fluorescent lights to high efficiency LED lights we recognized that over the lifetime of the LED bulbs approximately 16 years the city should expect about 200 thousand dollars of savings.'

The entire project took the Hardrocker sustainability team about 5 months to complete. They hope to continue to work with the City administration building to continue to find ways to save money.