Hand sanitizer related incidents reported

Published: May. 23, 2020 at 5:39 PM MDT
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People use more hand sanitizer these days, but do you know its flammable content could potentially cause problem?

On Saturday, Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department shared two Facebook posts about hand sanitizer related incidents. One post is about an incident when someone left the hand sanitizer in the car and caused a fire. Newcastle VFD explains, as the weather warms up and the temperature in the vehicle gets higher, the alcohol content in the sanitizer could turn into a gaseous state. And that type of vapor could ignite easily if there's a little bit of static electricity, you can't see it, but it could caused by common activities such as plugging in some device in the car.

The Newcastle VFD also shared another post about an incident: someone's hand got some bad blisters when touching another surface after using hand sanitizer.

"Having the wet hand sanitizer on your hand, if you do touch something that could ignite the alcohol in your hand, what it's going to do is, it's going to burn so hot, you won't even see that orange red flame, it would be a whiter blue flame," Assistant Fire Chief Austin Baker says. "So again, make sure you that hand sanitizer is dry before lighting a candle or anything that may cause that ignition source." Assistant Fire Chief Austin Baker says, all the conditions have to be met to cause these types of accidents, but it is a potential issue that people should be aware of.