HBO reboots series Deadwood as a movie

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) It was one of the most popular series that HBO ever ran and left many fans upset when it was canceled after just 3 seasons--- but now the Wild West is coming back to life...

After ending a dozen years ago HBO announced Wednesday that they have greenlighted a Movie Deadwood which will begin filming in October and could debut in the spring of next year but no air date has been officially announced.

The show brought extra tourists to Deadwood and left many of them surprised the city looked nothing like how it was portrayed in the show.

Kevin Kuchenbecker says, ' Some people came and were still looking for the manure on the streets and the dirt streets, and the old mining camp. Of course that burned in the great fire of September 26th, 1879 and out of the ashes rose the Victorian architecture we see today. So some people were like where is Deadwood? Well this is Deadwood it just burnt down 1879 and that was our understanding of the final season is that it would bring you up to that great fire

According to Kuchenbecker the script is complete he hasn't seen it yet and doesn't know if the show will age with the characters by 10 years and bring it up to 1889 and involve the statehood of South Dakota and railroads coming in.