Gun show sees increase in female buyers

Published: Apr. 8, 2017 at 10:11 PM MDT
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A gun show at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center has seen a change in demographics interested in guns.

Organizers say more women are starting to take aim at the Dakota Territory Gun Collector's Association Gun Show.

They say most females are looking for protection.

Sonny Pesicka, the organizer of the Dakota Territory Gun Collector's Association Gun Show, said "The women are getting way more interested in guns than they ever were before. And that's good. All of women think of self protection now. There's also sporting, hunting, and self protection and home protection and that kind of stuff."

The show is home to guns through the decades, with some collections worth more than several hundred thousand dollars.

About 150 vendors are lining the Civic Center for the show, which will continue Sunday.