Group stops in Rapid City to advocate against circumcision for males

Published: Aug. 2, 2017 at 5:54 PM MDT
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If you drove along West Omaha Street Wednesday, you may have seen people protesting wearing all white clothing.

The non-profit group doing the demonstration is called Bloodstained Men and their friends. They go to U.S. cities, advocating against the circumcision of males.

Bloodstained Men & their friends member David Atkinson says, "Doctors around the world, European doctors, and Asians, and South Americans have condemned American doctors for tampering with the genitals of healthy children. Foreskin is supposed to be there. It protects the head of the penis, which is supposed to be an internal organ."

Locally, a physician from Black Hills Pediatrics does not condemn circumcision, but also says there's not a lot of medical benefits to the practice.

Dr. Donald Oliver from Black Hills Pediatrics says, "So in a nutshell, there's very little harm. No real benefit. Circumcisions are done in our country for religious reasons or social custom to make this baby boy look like all the other males in their family."

Dr. Oliver says if a boy is circumcised, the benefit would be slightly lower chances of obtaining a urinary tract infection. He also says the harm of a circumcision could be the procedure itself due to bleeding or infection.