Academic transparency group speaks out against school walkout on March 14

Student walkout protest graphic by MGN.

Students from Rapid City Area Schools are planning to walk out of school in response to the recent Florida school shooting along with many others across the county.

Citizens for Academic Transparency, a group set out to serve as an advocate for parents and be a liaison between them and the school board gathered on Thursday night to discuss there position on the demonstration.

The group says that there is a policy that prohibits walkouts and believes that the superintendent and principals do not have the right to ignore it. After learning that students are planning to participate in the walkout and wear orange, the color representing the anti-gun violence movement, the CAT thinks the 17-minute demonstration is one-sided.

Elden Rice, founder of Citizens for Academic Transparency, says "We support the students right to discuss this concern that they have, we just think that the hashtag wear orange is going to give them the side of, is going to be for more gun control and they are not going to discuss the issue of whether or not we should have teachers being armed to protect students during that critical time between when the shooting begins and police officers arrive."

The CAT says they are aware that the walkout on Wednesday March 14th will be for the school to discuss what congress should do to prevent the shootings in the schools. However, they would like some of those 17 minutes to be set aside to discuss school sentinels and what local legislators have in mind to help protect students. Rice says if their opinions and voices are not heard, there will be a discussion for what repercussions should stand for administrators who violate policy.