Grocery store packed with people stocking up for the cold

Published: Dec. 29, 2017 at 3:45 PM MST
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Staff at Safeway say they certainly see a spike in traffic and on specific items during this time of the year, such as milk and bread and other essential items. They also say meat department sales increase while produce decreases during this time of year, which is the opposite of what occurs during the summer. They also shared with us what people are grabbing on the sales floor.

Shane Hennies, store director at Safeway, says "You know they'll come in and look for the stuff that we call rapid consumables. It might be chips, guacamole, etc., or perhaps they're making chili, we typically have big runs of chili beans, pinto beans in the can, ground beef back in the meat department, bread rolls, French bread, garlic bread over in the deli. Hot soup is really a big deal over in our deli for the lunch crowd."

Hennies says people also come in and pick up toiletries and cold weather essentials, and during the time it snows, he said it's funny to watch people go straight for the frozen pizzas, chips, liquor and lottery tickets.