Grady pleads guilty to robbery following murder of Loaf 'N Jug clerk

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The second of two men accused in the murder of a Rapid City convenience store clerk in January of last year has reached a plea agreement.

Cody Grady

20 year old Cody Grady pleaded guilty to 2nd degree robbery in court Tuesday afternoon with the state dropping all other charges against him.

Grady was originally charged with first degree murder, along with Carlos Quevedo, in the stabbing death of Loaf 'n' Jug clerk Kasie Lord following an attempt to steal beer from the store.
Quevedo pleaded guilty to second degree murder in the case in November and he's set to be sentenced to a mandatory life term next week.
In court Tuesday, Grady said he and Quevedo went to the store with the intent to steal beer and says he got into a tug of war with Lord over the beer.
Grady says he did not see Lord being stabbed and says he left before Quevedo stabbed her.
Prosecutors say they met with Lord's family on Monday ... and says the family accepts the plea deal.
Both sides have agreed to a seven-and-half year prison sentence for Grady.
That sentencing has been set for March 21st.