Graduate shares how DUI Court Program helped her

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Wednesday night the community honored three graduates of the "Pennington County DUI Court Program."

DUI Court is a voluntary program that provides intensive case-management of non-violent, adult felony offenders.

Graduate Tessa Curly was addicted to meth and alcohol, and she was on her sixth DUI before entering the program.

DUI Court Graduate Tessa Curly says, "It's just having you go through the emotional state and trying to get your mental stability back and so that part was rocky for me."

Curly says before attending DUI Court, she put her son last, but not anymore.

Tessa Curly says, "He's actually willing to talk to me and willing to listen to what I have to say. And he asks me questions. He's curious so that there is telling me that he's willing to listen so then with that it gives me more hope, and it gives me more motivation."

Curly says later on, she wants to go back to Oglala Lakota College to study drug and alcohol addiction counseling.

The DUI Court was established in Rapid City in 2013, and since its inception, 79 people have graduated their program... with 90 percent of them not re-offending.