Governor candidates speak out on agriculture and tariffs

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Tariffs are on the minds of many here in the United States especially those in the agriculture industry.

We spoke with both Representative Kristi Noem, the Republican candidate for governor, and State Senator Billie Sutton, the Democratic candidate, to find out if elected governor, what they would do to preserve the Ag economy.

Kristi Noem says, "I am very concerned about what the threat of tariffs is today and we've been advocating with the U.S. Trade Representative to make sure South Dakota's concerns are heard and that Ag markets are opened up to our producers here in South Dakota. We have our number one industry is agriculture and heavily impacted by these types of negotiations."

Billie Sutton says, "You know agriculture is our number one industry and so I think we need a governor that is going to be willing to work with everybody and anybody to try to craft better policy. And so one thing that I've committed to doing is to getting together a group of Midwestern governors to go out to D.C. and fight for agriculture policies that make sense for South Dakota."