Governor Daugaard signs tougher meth law

The meth epidemic facing South Dakota continues to grow
And in an attempt to stop those who distribute and manufacture the drug South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a new bill into law this week.

Daugaard signed Senate Bill 63 into law.
The new law increases the penalty for the distribution and manufacturing of 5 grams or more of meth.
It also provides for mandatory state penitentiary sentences for the distribution and making of meth or distributing opioids.
The stiffer penalties are designed to be used as a deterrent to keep those who want to bring meth to South Dakota out of the state.

Sheriff Kevin Thom says, ' It sends a message to those that want to get involved in distributing meth there are serious consequences. If you are going to choose to distribute in South Dakota there are serious consequences to that.'

Sheriff Thom added that fighting the meth problem in South Dakota is a three legged stool, enforcement, education, and treatment.