Going back in time with USO Variety Show reenactment

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Folks are swinging back in time to the 60's and 70's for one performance on Sunday.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim takes us to Sturgis for a reenactment of the USO Variety Show.

Performer Gary Nelson says, "About my performance? I don't know. I'm hoping they remember that it was good (laughing)."

The Sturgis Area Arts Council highlighted music from the Vietnam Era with this year's Fall Music Revue.
Audiences filled the seats of the Sturgis Community Center Theater to see portrayals of their favorite stars -- including Phyllis Diller, Nancy Sinatra ((NATS, singing phrase "walk all over you")), and of course, Bob Hope.

Sturgis Area Arts Council Member Randy Bender says, "I think a lot of it is nostalgia. The performance that we have - we have the Mamas and the Papas. We have Raquel Welch. We have Ann Margret, or at least people portraying these people."

Gary Nelson and his fellow seamen performed "There is Nothing Like a Dame," hoping to stir some fond memories.

Gary Nelson says, "I hope considering our audience will probably remember the time. They're going to remember these shows and remember Bob Hope and if they are younger than that and don't it'll be a neat experience for them to see that this is what actually happened and this is how it happened for the servicemen and women."

This USO-type show was part of "The Big Read," an initiative which aims to inspire conversation and discovery.

Randy Bender says, "The USO show was, it's kind of looked at as a high point of that for a lot of the people. Bob Hope and getting a lot of the big names from Hollywood and the entertainment industry to go out and perform for the troops to boost morale to help remind them that folks back home were still thinking of them and caring about them because there was a lot of negative press about the war going on at the same time."

After the show, attendees could buy baked goods for at-will donations.