Giving at the Club for Boy's Christmas tree lot

38 years is how long the Club For Boys has been inviting people to its lawn to pick out the perfect tree.

Club for Boys trees

Mark Kline, Assistant Executive Director for The Club for Boys, says "We have some of the best quality trees in town, we have the biggest variety of trees, we're the only ones that have fresh cut Black Hills Spruce and Ponderosa Pine.

With trees selling between $15 and $125, and fully serviced with netting and cutting down, all done at the hands of the boys.

Kline continues, "The difference in price if you're going somewhere else is that you're making a donation to the club supporting programs that serve over 1400 boys a year."

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas decorating is underway and here at the club for Boys, it's not only about receiving, it's about giving.

Kline says, "It's more than just a fundraiser for us, it's a chance for our kids to learn some job skills and alot of these kids will go on and become junior retailers, they will learn how to work at our thrift store as well and then they'll handle cash registers, there's a lot of different positions they can work up to from here."

So it's giving the boys job training, teaching them customer service skills and responsibility.

Mahki Hollow Horn says "I think it's pretty good, it's getting me ready for the real world."

and for those shopping for trees, it's a Christmas experience turned into
an opportunity to pour into the lives of young men and for them to do the same.

Hollow Horn continues, "I think it makes me kind of happy knowing that I help other people in our community."

With fresh wreaths and a stocking full of Christmas tree options,
The Club For Boys estimates that they will sale nearly 70 trees today and many more this season.

"If you can come here, buy a tree, and tips are appreciated," Hollow Horn concludes.