Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons honors women of distinction

Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons welcomed women to their luncheon to celebrate the achievements and success by those fulfilling the Girl Scouts' overall goal, which is to help forge tomorrow's leaders.

The recipient of this year's Woman of Distinction award went to Lieutenant Cathy Bock
who has been working with the Rapid City Police Department since 1997. She says it's nice to be recognized and looked up to for the hard work you put in while spreading a little girl power advice of her own.

Lt. Cathy Bock says, "We just do our jobs and do what's asked for us and we don't expect to be awarded for those things, so it's great to be here today and still be doing a great job and be recognized for that. If you see a vision and you think you can make an impact on whatever you're striving towards, you should go for it. You can succeed in everything you do and not be afraid to just move forward."

Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons hopes to raise $6,000 dollars through pledges, which will go towards giving girls the opportunity to become members, pay for uniforms, camps, and other activities.