Getting kids excited about science

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He uses humor, balloons, and flying toilet paper to bring dry theorems to life for kids.

On Wednesday kids from the Discovery Program got to meet Science Steve.

The laws of science can be difficult to understand, but Science Steve wants to change that.

He believes if kids are excited about science, it'll be easier for them to learn it.

"I'm a former high school science teacher and I know that kids, they can struggle with understanding science. My experience is if you show the kids a lot of demonstrations and hands on activities, they can all understand it so my goal is to help kids across South Dakota understand science better," Steven "Science Steve" Rokusek said, education specialist, South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Kids at General Beadle learned about physics and chemistry.

One 5th grader got to volunteer, and she says science is her favorite subject.

"Because you get to do all these fun experiments and you get to watch just cool stuff. He's (Science Steve) funny and he knows a lot of stuff," Shayla Uecker said, 11-years-old, watched Science Steve's demonstrations.

Throughout the year, Science Steve develops resources for educators, goes to conferences, and teaches teachers how to teach.

If you're interested in having Science Steve in your classroom, visit South Dakota Public Broadcasting.