General Beadle students get Christmas donation

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The employees of Black Hills Energy are trying to make sure all of the students at General Beadle Elementary in Rapid City have a good Christmas this year.

General Beadle

They turned the $5,160 collected by those employees over to the school Friday.
That means next Friday each of the 461 students at General Beadle will get a gift card they can use to buy themselves a gift at the school store.

5th grader Aunika Steele says, "Each student is going to come down and pick their own Christmas present, of what they want. They can have a certain amount of money, so they can pick a couple things, the things they want or need."

5th grader Devin Eagle Boy McCloskey says, "I'm actually very excited and I think the other kids are too."

Jackie Welbig from Black Hills Energy says, "This year, they're doing the program a little different. They're letting the kids get a $50 pretend gift car to use in the school store. There will be sweatshirts, school sweatshirts to school supplies to games, toys, helmets, even personal products, whatever the children choose to use the $50 gift card on."

Black Hills Energy says they do this at General Beadle because that is the school that is their Character Counts program partner.