Garden Walk gives locals tips on gardening

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The 20th annual Rapid City Garden Walk was put on at multiple gardens in the area, helping give gardeners, or those interested in the hobby, tips to make their garden grow.
Mary Trykoski says, "It's a colorful place in the community. People really enjoy walking up and down the street looking at people's gardens, seeing what they've done. I believe that's what it brings -- brings some joy to the community."
One of those gardens belongs to Kelly Comet, who says many of her ideas come from Pinterest. And she says she was excited to share her love for the craft with others.
Kelly Comet says, "This has been the most rewarding thing. I put this garden together piece by piece and didn't realize until I heard some of the comments today just how special it was. It's really touching to hear people take ideas and learn they can do it in their own garden too."
Comet's garden consists primarily of vegetables that she loves to eat.
A couple of the other gardens were located at the East Madison Community Garden and the Pennington County Jail Garden in Box Elder.