Gamers play for 24 hours to raise money for kids in need

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Rapid City, SD Playing board games can be a fun pastime for families and friends.

Who's Game House hosts an event for board game fans to raise money for children in need.

Grant Vaucher, Team Organizer says, "It's a nationwide event of 25 hours of gaming whether you've got board games, video games, tabletop games, to make money for the Children's Miracle Network. We're trying to help out kids all across the country."

Saturday, gamers broke out their favorite dice and teamed up to raise money for an organization called Extra Life which was founded in 2008 to help gamers give back to a great cause.

Vaucher says, "Extra Life, the group, has partnered with the Children's Miracle Network as a major basis because hospitals have been increasingly finding that using games as a medium for recuperation for kids while kids are in the hospital, it's something for them to do, to get them active, to get them outside again, it's fantastic and it gets them social and gets them healing a lot faster just because they're happy."

That's why a group of around 70 local gamers asked Who's Game House for a venue to hold their marathon event.

Mark Owens, Who's Game House Assistant Manager, says "Extra Life gamers came up to us and asked us and I was over the moon because I felt that was a perfect marriage, the one of services that we provide for the community."

And the rules are simple , ask for donations and sponsorships and don't stop playing.

Andrew Davis, gamer says, "It's going to be fun it's going to be hard in the mid-morning, I'm sure, when we are just going 'this is crazy' but we'll still be good. It'll still be fun."

The group brought drinks, snacks, hundreds of games ... and a competitive attitude to compete with the teams all battling to raise more money for kids in need.

Owens says, "Gamers call it a meta game, so it's a game on top of the game. So while they're playing their games they're also in the game of trying to raise more money for the Extra Life Network."

The organizing team set a hefty goal, but have high hopes for the evening after Who's Game House agreed to donate 10% of their sales profit for the next two days.

Vaucher,says, "We're looking at trying to raise about $2,000, is the Hope. We've already gotten $1,700 before today so that funding goal will be raised probably in a couple of hours."

And even though it might be tough, the team admits it's all fun and games for 25 hours thanks to daylight savings.

Vaucher says, "It's a great way for us to connect, to get together when we couldn't see each other otherwise and from then on it's basically my social time."