Gamers lose in closing of Rapid City store

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Who's Game House located in Main Street Square in Rapid City is closing its doors after an eight year run.

Who's Game House is a reliable place to buy games from Monopoly to Dungeons and Dragons but the owner tells us that business has dropped off in recent years, with the store set to close for good at the end of August. Clancy Kingsbury says that while there is still a strong board game community in Rapid City, many customers have turned to online shopping.

"When you get too much competition, it puts a strain on all of those businesses they're all fighting for the same dollars and so everybody kind of suffers but our biggest competitor honestly is mail order. It's really tough to compete with that," says Kingsbury.

Kingsbury also owns Who's Toy House at Main Street Square and Who's Hobby House on Main Street. He says both those stores will remain open.