GF&P rolls into action after passage of waters law

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South Dakota Game Fish and Park was working Tuesday to reopen public access to nearly 30 nonmeandered lakes.
Most of those are in the eastern part of the state.

Special session

That's after Governor Dennis Daugaard signed House Bill 1001 into law Monday night.
The House and Senate passed that compromise bill in a special session on Monday.
Daugaard says signing the bill opens up tens of thousands of acres of waters to public recreation while also respecting the property rights of landowners.
Some lawmakers say the law doesn't do enough.

Rep. Elizabeth May says, "If we're going to allow the government to charge for fishing license on private property, we need to be able to allow the private property owner to be able to be compensated the same way as the government, so if the government is going to profit, the land owner ought to be able to profit too."

Sen. Jason Frerichs says, "As this all rolls out, the lakes that are a priority, that are proven lakes, they'll open up here should this all precede as we expect it to and then the discussion continues right away tomorrow as far as what are going to be the ideas that can surpass the new legislative session."

GF&P says full services will be restored by the end of the week, including having boat docks back in the water.