Future and veteran entrepreneurs spend a day in boot camp

"Yes. We have alot of people who want to start a business, but people who are already in a business and who run a business, they need more tips and tools because sometimes if they're solo, they are working by themselves and they need some more insight," said Michelle Kane, director of the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity.

Nearly 50 people heard from a banker, a lawyer, a marketer, and a panel of other business owners. This was the second Entrepreneurial Boot Camp put on by the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity, The OWN small business network, and Aspiring Business Consulting. Attendees were exposed to networking tactics, funding, and most importantly, learned about the importance of having a plan.

"Many times we get excited about starting a business but we don't really understand what the challenges are and nobody really warns you," said Dr. Helen Usera, owner of Aspiring Business Consulting.

"The how questions are the hardest. When you're staring a business, you already know why. You're doing something that you are passionate about so that's the easy part, it's getting from point A to B " said Samantha Ellis, CEO of The Own.

When it comes to the money factor, financial experts say there is always a number of questions.

"Alot of it is how can I get this money? When can I expect it? What is our repayment going to be like and ultimately how can you establish a relationship between a banker and a borrower? said Glen Schneltzer, senior credit analyst at Black Hills Federal Credit Union

The South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity will hold a Marketing Boot Camp teaching both traditional and digital skills on July 13. at Black Hills State University at the Rapid City campus.