Fright Fest Soccer Tournament scores for local businesses

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Fright Fest Soccer Tournament is this weekend and there's more than just soccer going on at the games-- the economic impact reaches far off of the pitch.

Goals at Dakota Fields Soccer Complex.

Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club hosts the event and team officials say planning starts 6 months before the tournament opens. Vendors must be contacted, the city must be coordinated with, and other businesses looped into the fold.

"We have had food trucks, we utilize some of them, we do photography, tee shirts, so there's a lot of outside things besides soccer that get the business and kind of help the city overall," said Kasha Roberts, Club Manager for Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club.

Fright Fest Soccer Tournament pairs with Liv Hotels for rooms and transportation. The Hotel provides shuttles to the games.

A staple of any soccer tournament is found at the kettle corn stands. Sergeant Poppers is owned by the Johnston family who love being able to give back to the community.

"This is our business, this is our family business, this is how we support our family," said Liza Johnston, owner of Sergeant Poppers. "We're always looking for all of the events, that's how we make our money is to go to these events."

Other vendors have been food trucks, coffee stands, and snow cone stands. But, Johnston says that as long as weather is good, business is good.

More than 150 teams from at least six states will be playing in Fright Fest this weekend at Dakota Fields Sports Complex.